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10 Best Smoke Shops NYC

10 Best Smoke Shops NYC

Best Smoke Shops in New York City

Anyone can find anything they need to satisfy even very specific smoking needs at the best of the best NYC smoke shops. Whether you want to switch from cigarettes to cigars for the first time or you have your own humidor, whether you’re a noob cannabis user looking for advice for a seasoned fan already bong shopping for 4/20 events, you want to know the best smoke shops in New York.

If you’re tired of sending Yelp to do a stoner’s job, we’re here to help you out. These are the best vape shops and tobacco shops in the city, so the next time you want a smoke—or find e-juice, high-quality CBD products, or other alternatives—you know where to go.

Legacy NYC: Best Lower East Side 

Not your classic smoke shop, Legacy NYC was ushered in with the new cannabis laws and has become one of the biggest names in recreational marijuana in NYC. A hot spot for recreational weed in Lower East Side, Manhattan, Legacy also relies on its choice NYC location to serve as a gallery space, showcasing local New York artists.

One of NYC’s first cannabis storefronts, Legacy remains among the best marijuana dispensaries in the city. They offer one-stop cannabis shopping with a huge range of locally-grown NYC strains and a wide selection of edibles.

Call Legacy NYC at (646) 892-4545 or visit the storefront at 98 Orchard Street. No one under 21 is permitted in the smoke shop.

Blue Nile: Best West Village

A landmark in the West Village since 2000, today you’ll find the small but mighty Blue Nile marked with a bright blue awning and jam-packed with smokers’ wares. Like any NYC specialty store, the walls are densely lined with shelves packed to the gills—in this case, with high-end glassware for smoking. Looking for bongs, bubblers, art pieces for the coffee table or practical one-hitters? They’ve got you.

Look for 324 Bleecker St, New York,10014, between Grove and Christopher Streets, and inside you’ll find top-shelf smoking accessories from brand names like JBD, Medicali, Illadelph Glass, and Sheldon Black. The people there know what they’re talking about and can handle anything from fancy electronic vaporizers or one-of-a-kind glass pieces to accessory needs from smooth metal grinders that feel perfect in your hand on down.

Brooklyn Smoke Shop: Best Hookahs



Brooklyn smoke shop best hookahs

Hookah fans rejoice: there are multiple choices here because Hookahs were the point, not an afterthought. This smoke shop is well-loved by hookah smokers from around the city for a well-made, well-stocked, and well-curated collection—even in the context of a city of endless choices. This smoke shop carries mods and products for any smoker, including cigars, oil rigs, water pipes, hand-blown glass pipes, and Pax vaporizers.

Brooklyn Smoke Shop is in the Park Slope area. If you’re in Williamsburg, or you don’t need hookahs specifically, head over to Grand Smoke Shop instead—but this is the spot for hookahs! 198 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, 11217, between 5th Ave and Dean St.

Village Grannies: Best for Anyone Who Needs Help Shopping

Village Grannies is the kind of place that both has it all and knows what to with it—and isn’t too busy to take the time to show you, either. This truly lovely and relaxing smoke shop is promoting a sort of culture and lifestyle, which is reflected in their products, from one-of-a-kind, hand-picked glassware to artisanal bowls—and any piece is a place where form and function meet.

This smoke shop, run by two “grannies” who self-apply that term, offers the ideal blend of classy vibes and friendly, down-to-earth knowledge that beginners need to feel comfortable. So although they certainly carry an advanced level of products, from animal-shaped glass pipes on down, everything remains approachable, especially inside. There you’ll find hookahs on the floor, a nice, comfy sofa, and two owners willing and able to make the shopping process far less intimidating. Find Village Grannies at 346 E 9th St, New York, NY, 10003.

The Smoking Shop: Best for Actual Smokers (Or Former Smokers)

If you’re near Midtown, it’s worth a trip down to The Smoking Shop at 45 Christopher St New York, NY 10014. Technically in the Village, they specialize in smoking accessories of all sizes and styles, including vaporizers, rolling papers, and all types of pipes. They carry brands such as ADS, Chameleon, Dynomite, Extreme Vaporizors, Illadelph, IOLite, Medicali, PHX, Pure, Roor, Sheldon Black, Vapor Bros., Volcano, and many others.

You can trust The Smoking Shop because their products are made in the US or EU—nothing from China with heavy metals to worry about. They also have candles, cigars, hookahs and hookah tobacco, imported cigarettes, and lighters. And they are an authorized JUUL dealer if you’re looking for e-liquid. One of the best head shops in the city, you’re going to love this wide selection of high-quality products for real smokers of all stripes.

Jumpin Jack Flash: Best Delivery Menu

Sometimes you just don’t want to—or just can’t—leave the house. That’s why Jumpin Jack Flash is such a critical part of the NYC cannabis delivery scene. They offer a great menu across the board, and they bring it to all five boroughs.

Here you’ll find a truly inclusive menu, including cartridges, concentrates, edibles, indoor flower, organic flower, vape carts, pre-rolls, CBD products, and tinctures, Jumpin Jack Flash will have the cannabis product you're looking for. And the service here stays competitive, even though the NYC cannabis delivery scene is competitive—and it’s simple to order with Jumpin Jack Flash online.

Is Cannabis Legal in New York?

Yes! Cannabis is officially legal for recreational and medical use for adults 21 and over as of March 31, 2021, in the state of New York. Of course, the hard part comes next: the NYC cannabis industry must create regulations that allow New Yorkers to actually buy, sell, and consume recreational cannabis. Read on to learn about NY cannabis laws so far.

Legalization in New York: the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA)

(Then) Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act or MRTA (S.1527/A.1617) in 2021, legalizing cannabis for adult users. The MRTA also created the Office of Cannabis Management or OCM under the purview of the Cannabis Control Board, and the OCM will function as an entirely new governing body as it moves forward to resolve various issues in the draft law.

This slew of unresolved issues is why businesses remain technically closed for recreational cannabis sales in New York.

NYC Weed LawsNYC weed laws


In New York City, you can’t just stroll into a marijuana store and shop, but it’s now legal to possess up to three ounces of cannabis flower or 24 grams of concentrates like wax or shatter.

New York cannabis laws, in a nutshell say this:

The MRTA regulates the use, cultivation, production, sale, and all other activities related to and products made from cannabis in New York State

The MRTA allows previous marijuana convictions to be reclassified and resentenced

Law enforcement will still charge serious offenses such as DUI, or providing marijuana to minors or transporting it across state lines

The state will vacate all convictions for low-level marijuana possession or sales charges

Residents of New York state age 21 and over can cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants outside the public view in a secure setting

Medical marijuana patients with qualified conditions can already grow their own cannabis. Recreational cultivators must wait for the first legal sale in the state; then the clock will start running for 18 months past that time.

Is it Safe to Buy Cannabis in NYC?

Yes! Finally, at long last, since legalization, arrests for cannabis in NYC have plummeted. But even so, you need to know the right ways to buy cannabis in NYC, and how to visit the different kinds of NYC smoke shops. 

How to Buy Weed at a NYC Smoke Shop:

Only buy from trusted sources

Only refer to cannabis products as gifts

Follow instructions when you buy, and ask if you’re not sure

***When buying NYC marijuana, always ask for cannabis donations or gifting***

Can I Smoke in Public and on the Streets?

Actually, yes, smoking in public—whatever you’re smoking—is mostly legal as long as the substance is! Just pay attention, because all smoking is illegal exactly where you’d expect, which is where it can affect kids and other vulnerable people: hospitals, public transportation, schools, and similar places.

Here is a page that lists where you can and cannot smoke in public in NYC.

So…Will the Police Hassle Me for Smoking?

If I go out and light up a giant, stinky cigar on the sidewalk, am I safe? What about a joint? We can’t vouch for dirty looks from neighbors, but we can chat about the police.

If the police stop you in public and you have less than 3 ounces of cannabis flower or 24 grams or less of wax, oil, or other concentrated forms of weed, you’re safe. This is just the mere fact of having it.

If you’re using it within the public use rules we laid out above, you’re still safe.

If you’re in a business like a fancy restaurant with a hostess or a nightclub with a bouncer, that’s different. It’s still not illegal, but they can decide whether or not to kick you out, because a private business can technically bar anyone they like. Good luck out there, and try to be courteous.

Final Words on the 10 Best NYC Smoke Shops

This is a new and very competitive space in the greatest city in the world! What we’re saying is, we expect a lot of competition among NYC smoke shops to stay on this list. Stay tuned to see who continues to make the cut, and watch this space to learn about trending issues in NYC and related on all things smoking and cannabis.