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I'm also a heavy smoker that smokes multiple times a day and I've been a loyal customer of Jack's for well over 3 years at this point. I don't understand people's gripes here, good pot like everything else in life costs money if you want the best expect to pay a higher price. You don't shop at old Navy and expect Versace and vice versa. has every strain I've gotten from Jack been an absolute killer? no, but the beauty of their services they have over a hundred different strains to choose from so if you don't like one try another, you're going to hit on something you like. or do what I do and ask for their recommendation. if you just say "hey I want the hardest hitting strain you have" they will give it to you. it's not that serious. there may be cheaper options in New York City but I have never come across another service with over a hundred strains on offer, I've even been to many dispensaries in legal states that don't have a quarter of the selection that these guys do. They are the most consistent serve that I have ever been a patron of. they show up everyday that I call and I'm grateful. happy holidays

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