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Edit: I jumped the gun on my last review

I'm not sure anyone even saw my last review as it was only up a couple hours, but I am back to change it. I jumped the gun, and made the review out of frustration. I spoke with the vendor, and he made a good point.. they never have not sent out a delivery. I've ordered well over a dozen times from JJF, and I have recieved all my orders. The quality of the bud is the same as what you would expect to get from Cali. Everything from Top Shelf, to mid-grade, vapes, cartridges, batteries, the works. We all have our good days and bad days. This week didnt start off right, and I took it out on a review not really considering what affect it could possibly have on their business.. not to mention I never had an issue with any of my previous orders. I give my recommendation for anyone trying to get some smoke while in the NYC area.

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